Hospitality at its Finest!

I was quite surprised when I received a call from Jennifer Schandua, the Fredericksburg Texas Hospitality Hostess, letting me know she had a welcome basket ready to give me as a new resident. It was then that I knew I have found the place to be. In a world where people say “Hello” and ask “How are you doing?”, but don’t have time to listen to your reply, Fredericksburg Texas proudly upholds a legacy of hospitality and listens to your answer. After a brief introduction, a meeting time was set, and it wasn’t but a few days and Jennifer was at my door smiles and all, ready to welcome me to town.

This thoughtfulness is a way of life here in Texas. The extra effort to make a human connection is what narrows the gap between everywhere else and what Fredericksburg stands for, and that begins with kindness and compassion.

Jennifer’s ability to focus on the little things to make sure that a newcomers experience will be the best it can be, slows people down and gives them an opportunity to renew themselves and focus on what’s important in everyday life — treating others with kindness. The age-old rule of “doing unto to others” is surely the motto here in Fredericksburg Texas, and I think it is one of the last places where an honest face-to-face relationship is still considered important.

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Fredericksburg Texas

As we spoke of the town and Jennifer shared all the small gifts given to me on behalf of the local businesses, I began to feel like I was at home. The formality of Jennifer’s delivery wasn’t as if I was a customer, but more like I had been invited over for dinner. We actually had plenty of time to talk about more than just the weather. Jennifer’s passion to share about all that Fredericksburg had to offer, made my experience truly exceptional.

I’ll say it again, “This is the place to be”, if you want to be blessed with a small town atmosphere where the emphasis on putting others first is with grace, enthusiasm and professionalism.”

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Kona Grill

If you are looking for the place to be, The Kona Grill at 15900 La Cantera Parkway San Antonio, TX 78256 is right on the money.  It’s continuing “kudos” for General Manager Buddy Fisher’s Kona Grill.  From the classy atmosphere to the happening spot in Northern San Antonio, you can expect an honest, outstanding service as well as continuous personal
attention with stellar drink specials that more than meet high expectations, from start to finish.
Kona Grill is a refreshing new approach to dining.  From the moment you step in the door you will be tantalized by the fresh and full sushi bar that tingles your taste buds, made up of sensational flavors distinctly found in a Japanese/American inspired menu.  The added personal touch of each person you meet, makes this experience not only a
night to remember, but also a reason to return.
The dining experience at the Kona Grill is truly found in its fresh ingredients.  The entrees are made from scratch with professional expertise and a vibrant passion from executive chefs and staff.  The customer service is more than just seating and collecting a check, its personal satisfaction at every corner. If you’re looking for a relaxing yet  knowledgeable expertise, then the Kona Grill is the place to be.

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In a perfect world!

Only in a perfect world!

How many times have you heard,”This would never have happened in a perfect world” in reference to a failed project or personal shortcoming?

Setting goals in life and how you will reach them is where it is decided whether you will succeed or not, which is why so much effort needs to be placed in the planning stage of any project.  To many times planning is either skimmed through or even left out of a project entirely.  Due to this flaw it is easy then to assign a value to living and operating in a non-perfect world as to our failures.

Would say that a professional sports player, such as Dwyane Tyrone Wade, Jr., sets his goals of being an average ball player because everyone knows “no one is perfect”, or would you say he strives to be a perfect ball player all the time, and that is why he is successful?

The mind is a powerful tool just waiting to be used.  How we use it will determine our success.  Don’t let circumstances, other peoples words limit you in what you can do.  I am sure you have heard the adage, “better late than never”!  Well is it better?  What if you could be on time all the time?  You can, just as an athlete trains to be perfect, you too can train your mind to be perfect at all you do.

Here is a simple daily exercise to begin your new journey in being perfect in all you do. Failing or succeeding in life is dependent on how you choose to react to a given situation. To overcome this failed thinking, focus on a problematic aspect in your life.  Next, imagine how it would be successful by changing your attitude to not just doing what is needed to get by, but to be perfect.  Do this every day by speaking to yourself with positive energy, because while we can’t change many situations, we can change how we react to them. This simple mindset change is what separates those who live in a perfect world to those who say, “Only in a perfect world”.

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“Resistance is futile” – a business perspective

The BorgResistance is futile” the doomsday message proclaimed by the Borg is the message that is so commonly associated with change.  Change, is the most resisted word.  How can the order of these 6 letters bring about the most adversity than any other word?  I think it is because people associate it with “loss”.

If people perceive change as loss, this will in fact lead to resistance to change, thus it means a personal loss of the freedoms they have come to know today.  The question lies in how to bring about change that does not immediately lead one to make this association?

Good business sense is repeatedly supported by clarity of agenda and concepts.  Striving to provide these two keys is what will determine resistance or acceptance to your new business proposal.

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How the right tool for the job can spell acceptance or resistance

You have identified a liability in your department.  What is the next step?  Too many times a new identified anomaly opens up a much bigger can of worms that one would expect and can lead to resistance when confronted in business process improvement.  To avoid undue stress to employees and departmental management, a careful course of action is advised.  This course lies in effective presentation of a needed change in the form of clarity.  Business analysis tools at the most can be overwhelming for your average client and can spell the difference of resistance to that of acceptance.  What follows are simple steps to employ in a successful business process improvement change.  Follow these four steps to successful presentation.

  1. First, establish the need for the change, by presenting a high level review of new found assets.
  2. Second, identify those that are affected and what this new vision will bring in the form of ROI.
  3. Third, measure continued commitment in the form of regularly scheduled reviews with those affected.
  4. Finally, continue to evaluate the business processes within the identified department(s) that support or resist the new change and adjust as needed.

By following these four steps you are on the path to creating acceptance to the need for change.

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Business Partners Model

Continuous business process improvement succeeds when all three business partners are working together.  Who are these business partners? They are the backbone to the ever evolving successful businesses; which are committed employees, superior leadership and excellent management.

“To meet the true challenge of superior performance, achieving growth through excellence and innovation can be realized while maintaining high profitability.”

As employees dedicate themselves fully to the optimization of innovative products that exceed deliverables in a timely manner, we find it is because management has directed their time to manage processes, not micromanage employees.  This allots for more focus on increasing the quality and quantity in the shortest amount of time possible. In turn, this sets the stage for leadership to continue the course of action by ensuring employees matter most, and naturally the highest profitability is reached through proper goal setting.  Thus the cyclical model below sustains itself as each one of these key factors continues to happen.

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To take is to Steal, but to give is Life

The bigger picture, that’s what it is all about. Whether life is measured in circles or in a straight line is not known, what we do know is that what we put into life is what counts the most.  Yes, it’s all about giving.  Taking was never in the bigger picture, and it is alias is known as stealing.  Giving is what makes the world go round.  Without it, people would sink to the lowest level and steal from others.  There is plenty in the world to go around; stealing never has to be a part of life again, ever.

I think about the job market today.  The number of tools given out freely is a good example of the way we can all give to one another to make the difference we are all looking for.  It’s called networking.  For too long now networking has been all about taking from one another, in other words stealing.  Why is this? It’s because the formula has been broken.

Let’s fix the formula.  Networking is a two-way street.  Whether you are looking for work or not, it is your duty to build a network.  It is from a network (whether it’s one person or three-hundred people) that will drive what we already have experienced in the past; employment.

Here is a simple example of how to do just that.  Once you have a network built with the basic of information (contact names, phone or email, employed or unemployed, contact resumes-including your own and briefly contacts job title or what they may be looking for), you are now armed with a life changing tool-set that will allow you to give to not only yourself but to others.  Here is what I suggest: Create a matrix as below

If a recruiter has reached out to you make sure to ask if you may include their information in your matrix as well, as this is one of the keys to successfully fixing the formula of giving. Highlight their information in red in your matrix.  As you build your network, once again whether you are employed or not there is really only two things you need to do, Maintenance and Communication.

Making sure your contact matrix is up to date will ensure you are maintaining accurate contact information.  As news updates become available, communication to and from your network should be passed on to your contacts in a timely manner.  Many times it isn’t until you have helped someone else by giving them vital employment information, will you in turn be given the same.   We stand stronger together than we do on our own.  The effort you put into giving surpasses what we have all heard in one or way or another, “It is better to give than it is to receive”.

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