To take is to Steal, but to give is Life

The bigger picture, that’s what it is all about. Whether life is measured in circles or in a straight line is not known, what we do know is that what we put into life is what counts the most.  Yes, it’s all about giving.  Taking was never in the bigger picture, and it is alias is known as stealing.  Giving is what makes the world go round.  Without it, people would sink to the lowest level and steal from others.  There is plenty in the world to go around; stealing never has to be a part of life again, ever.

I think about the job market today.  The number of tools given out freely is a good example of the way we can all give to one another to make the difference we are all looking for.  It’s called networking.  For too long now networking has been all about taking from one another, in other words stealing.  Why is this? It’s because the formula has been broken.

Let’s fix the formula.  Networking is a two-way street.  Whether you are looking for work or not, it is your duty to build a network.  It is from a network (whether it’s one person or three-hundred people) that will drive what we already have experienced in the past; employment.

Here is a simple example of how to do just that.  Once you have a network built with the basic of information (contact names, phone or email, employed or unemployed, contact resumes-including your own and briefly contacts job title or what they may be looking for), you are now armed with a life changing tool-set that will allow you to give to not only yourself but to others.  Here is what I suggest: Create a matrix as below

If a recruiter has reached out to you make sure to ask if you may include their information in your matrix as well, as this is one of the keys to successfully fixing the formula of giving. Highlight their information in red in your matrix.  As you build your network, once again whether you are employed or not there is really only two things you need to do, Maintenance and Communication.

Making sure your contact matrix is up to date will ensure you are maintaining accurate contact information.  As news updates become available, communication to and from your network should be passed on to your contacts in a timely manner.  Many times it isn’t until you have helped someone else by giving them vital employment information, will you in turn be given the same.   We stand stronger together than we do on our own.  The effort you put into giving surpasses what we have all heard in one or way or another, “It is better to give than it is to receive”.


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