In a perfect world!

Only in a perfect world!

How many times have you heard,”This would never have happened in a perfect world” in reference to a failed project or personal shortcoming?

Setting goals in life and how you will reach them is where it is decided whether you will succeed or not, which is why so much effort needs to be placed in the planning stage of any project.  To many times planning is either skimmed through or even left out of a project entirely.  Due to this flaw it is easy then to assign a value to living and operating in a non-perfect world as to our failures.

Would say that a professional sports player, such as Dwyane Tyrone Wade, Jr., sets his goals of being an average ball player because everyone knows “no one is perfect”, or would you say he strives to be a perfect ball player all the time, and that is why he is successful?

The mind is a powerful tool just waiting to be used.  How we use it will determine our success.  Don’t let circumstances, other peoples words limit you in what you can do.  I am sure you have heard the adage, “better late than never”!  Well is it better?  What if you could be on time all the time?  You can, just as an athlete trains to be perfect, you too can train your mind to be perfect at all you do.

Here is a simple daily exercise to begin your new journey in being perfect in all you do. Failing or succeeding in life is dependent on how you choose to react to a given situation. To overcome this failed thinking, focus on a problematic aspect in your life.  Next, imagine how it would be successful by changing your attitude to not just doing what is needed to get by, but to be perfect.  Do this every day by speaking to yourself with positive energy, because while we can’t change many situations, we can change how we react to them. This simple mindset change is what separates those who live in a perfect world to those who say, “Only in a perfect world”.


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