Michael is known for his talented ability to enhance and fine tune business complexities for several fortune 500 companies, turning liabilities in to assets. His strengths include customer relationship management, project management, business analysis, and design, development and implementation of in house process improvement programs.

Michael has a passion for helping others by meeting them where they are at.  He is driven by the fundamental principal that in helping others we in turn help ourselves.  His success is largely driven by those people that he has personally engaged himself with.

While working for Maxtor, a the fortune 500 company, Michael identified a substantial loss of revenue from aged inventory over a period of several years. Acting rapidly, Michael propsed a course of action by creating a weekly reconciliation program to turn liabilities into assists of $114M per year. It is this sort of action that makes or breaks a company.

Michael lives in the hill country outside of the greater San Antonio region of Texas where he enjoys bike riding and wine connoisseuring.

Michael G Noble can be contacted by email

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