How the right tool for the job can spell acceptance or resistance

You have identified a liability in your department.  What is the next step?  Too many times a new identified anomaly opens up a much bigger can of worms that one would expect and can lead to resistance when confronted in business process improvement.  To avoid undue stress to employees and departmental management, a careful course of action is advised.  This course lies in effective presentation of a needed change in the form of clarity.  Business analysis tools at the most can be overwhelming for your average client and can spell the difference of resistance to that of acceptance.  What follows are simple steps to employ in a successful business process improvement change.  Follow these four steps to successful presentation.

  1. First, establish the need for the change, by presenting a high level review of new found assets.
  2. Second, identify those that are affected and what this new vision will bring in the form of ROI.
  3. Third, measure continued commitment in the form of regularly scheduled reviews with those affected.
  4. Finally, continue to evaluate the business processes within the identified department(s) that support or resist the new change and adjust as needed.

By following these four steps you are on the path to creating acceptance to the need for change.


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