Hospitality at its Finest!

I was quite surprised when I received a call from Jennifer Schandua, the Fredericksburg Texas Hospitality Hostess, letting me know she had a welcome basket ready to give me as a new resident. It was then that I knew I have found the place to be. In a world where people say “Hello” and ask “How are you doing?”, but don’t have time to listen to your reply, Fredericksburg Texas proudly upholds a legacy of hospitality and listens to your answer. After a brief introduction, a meeting time was set, and it wasn’t but a few days and Jennifer was at my door smiles and all, ready to welcome me to town.

This thoughtfulness is a way of life here in Texas. The extra effort to make a human connection is what narrows the gap between everywhere else and what Fredericksburg stands for, and that begins with kindness and compassion.

Jennifer’s ability to focus on the little things to make sure that a newcomers experience will be the best it can be, slows people down and gives them an opportunity to renew themselves and focus on what’s important in everyday life — treating others with kindness. The age-old rule of “doing unto to others” is surely the motto here in Fredericksburg Texas, and I think it is one of the last places where an honest face-to-face relationship is still considered important.

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Fredericksburg Texas

As we spoke of the town and Jennifer shared all the small gifts given to me on behalf of the local businesses, I began to feel like I was at home. The formality of Jennifer’s delivery wasn’t as if I was a customer, but more like I had been invited over for dinner. We actually had plenty of time to talk about more than just the weather. Jennifer’s passion to share about all that Fredericksburg had to offer, made my experience truly exceptional.

I’ll say it again, “This is the place to be”, if you want to be blessed with a small town atmosphere where the emphasis on putting others first is with grace, enthusiasm and professionalism.”


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